Cohesion Theatre Company and Baltimore Asian Pacifika Arts Collective Present

A World Premiere:


By Katelynn Kenney

Devised with Members of Cohesion Theatre Company and Baltimore Asian Pacifika Arts Collective

Directed by Cara Hinh

Cohesion Theatre Company is excited to be partnering with the newly created Baltimore Asian Pacifika Arts Collective on this world premiere production. Devised with members of Cohesion and BAPAC, and written by playwright Katelynn Kenney, Tornkid draws on the power of indigenous Asian and Pacific creation stories to explore identity and unearth how ancient female narratives can provide guidance towards healing our broken world.

With puppetry created by Cohesion’s own Artistic Director, Jess Rassp, and masks created by Waking Moon Masks Director, Tara Cariaso, Tornkid promises to be a feast for the senses, and an exploration into a world rarely seen on the American stage. Ticket will be on-sale soon. Check back for more info.

Opening night for Tornkid is Thursday, May 23 at 8pm. Following opening night the show will run Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 4 pm from May 23 through June 9, 2019. Tickets are Pay What You Can and may be purchased online at

Cohesion performs in “The Fallout Shelter” at United Evangelical Church (923 S. East Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224) at the corner of East Avenue and Dillon Street in Canton. Patrons should enter the space through the red doors on East Avenue. For more information about the Cohesion Theatre Company 2019 Season, visit

Watch Cohesion’s Season Announcement Video Below!

Cohesion 2019 Season Announcement

After four years as an independent theatre company in the vibrant and diverse artistic community of Baltimore, we knew it was time to take a look back at how we define ourselves and how we operate. Ideas and values that we didn’t fully embrace when we started have evolved through the work we’ve done to become some of the most important core beliefs to us as a company. Changes that our community has gone through have informed how we want to operate and respond to important issues moving forward. What we put on stage, and how we go about it, matter enough to articulate it clearly for all to see, and there were things we’ve been doing that we never took the time to incorporate into who we are on paper. So we took stock. We brainstormed. We looked back at what we’ve done, and we looked forward to what we want to do better. This meant some changes. The first involved our Mission statement, and a new statement of core values. It also meant a reshuffling of staff structure, of season schedule, and the hard work of putting our money where our mouth is, with a new code of conduct policy, a new ticketing model, and a re-dedication to the work that we do, and to our artists and audiences. We are proud of where we’ve been, and what we’ve accomplished. We’re also proud of how that work has shaped and prepared us for our future. We are incredibly excited to share with you the first steps toward that future at Cohesion Theatre Company.

Check Out Our New Mission and Core Company Values on our About Page by Clicking Here.

The Pay What You Can Model

Of all the changes we are undertaking this coming year, this one is perhaps the most exciting. From the beginning, Cohesion has always made big and bold moves. Never backing away from the seemingly impossible, even when people looked at us sideways with an “I don’t know about that” expression on their faces. Our unofficial motto in the first few years was “Setting unrealistic goals, and meeting them.” It is in that spirit, and with that boldness and hope, that we announce our movement to make ticket prices for all our shows “pay what you can”. This includes our mainstage productions, playwrights fellowships, and any smaller projects we happen to take on throughout the year. In addition for the first time ever we will be offering full season subscriptions to all our productions, and those subscriptions and their benefits will also be “pay what you can”. Our goal is to erase any economic barriers to the work that we do, while also putting our faith and trust in our audiences to support work that is important and valuable to you. Our commitment to paying artists and creating big bold productions doesn’t change. The quality and compelling stories you’ll experience on our stages won’t change. And the cost of keeping the lights on and a roof over our heads certainly doesn’t change. But now we hope that anyone who wants to will walk in the door, and experience audacious live theatre without any financial barrier. We are excited for the opportunities for outreach and inclusion this change presents. We are excited to more deeply partner with our audiences in support of the artists we create with and the work we present. And we look forward to seeing you all at the theatre in 2019.

The 2019 Season Shows:


Adapted by Robert Kauzlaric

Based on the novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Directed by Melissa LaMartina

February 21 - March 10, 2019

When an unexpected death shatters her family, Victoria retreats into the darkest recesses of her psyche in search of a way forward. To find meaning in this impossible loss, she brings a terrible creation to life – one whose existence threatens all hopes for the future. Haunted and hunted at every turn, Victoria must endure a nightmare journey of the soul in a quest for survival. Grapple with the demons of grief and denial in this new adaptation of the 1818 thriller by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.

Auditions will be held December 4th and 5th - Visit our Auditions Page for more information.


Devised by Artists from the Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective

May 23 - June 9, 2019

Cohesion Theatre partners with the Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective to create an original work that will premiere in Baltimore this May 2019. Their devised piece will draw on the power of indigenous Asian and Pacific creation stories to explore identity and unearth how ancient female narratives can provide guidance towards healing our broken world.

Blood Wedding

By Frederico Garcia Lorca

Translated by Caridad Svich

August 2019 - Outdoor Performances On Pagoda Hill in Patterson Park

Lorca's Blood Wedding is a classic of twentieth-century theatre. The story is based on a newspaper fragment which told of a family vendetta and a bride who ran away with the son of the enemy family. In Lorca’s play the Bride and her former lover are chased into the woods by her betrothed where the two men confront each other. Blood Wedding is a passionate spectacle full of desire, repression, ritual, and the societal constraints of this rural community. We are excited to partner with the Friends of Patterson Park to present this vibrant piece entirely outdoors on Pagoda Hill in August of 2019.

All We Know Is Not Enough

By Darcy Parker Bruce

December 5 - 22, 2019

A World Premiere Production. Bursting with the fantastic and the truthful, All We Know Is Not Enough takes place in a seedy pay-by-the-hour motel, where Romeo fights to stay alive. Romeo is trans, and running from a hate crime with his sister Charlie, who is trying desperately to save him. An ocean away- Nasrin, a refugee from the conflict in Syria, is lost at sea, and alone. Linking their stories and their voices are Charlie’s ham radio, a pending lunar eclipse, and a mysterious white dragon made of stars. All We Know Is Not Enough is a play which explores what it means to be a refugee, and what it is to be connected to someone, no matter the distance.

Playwrights Fellowship Public Showings in September 2019

Funderdome 2: Our Annual Gala Event: Saturday October 12, 2019

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Our Mission

Cohesion Theatre Company is dedicated to the production and development of thoughtful and audacious live theatre that is culturally and socially resonant, while striving for the highest levels of artistic excellence and intersectional awareness.

For more on who we are and what we believe, visit our About page.