Zoe is Raising Funds for:

The Empire Striketh Back: A Shakespearean Star Wars

Many a fortnight have passed since the destruction of the Death Star. Young Luke Skywalker and his friends have taken refuge on the ice planet of Hoth, where the evil Darth Vader has hatched a cold-blooded plan to capture them. Only with the help of a little green Jedi Master—and a swaggering rascal named Lando Calrissian—can our heroes escape the Empire's wrath. And only then will Lord Vader learn how sharper than a tauntaun's tooth it is to have a Jedi child.

What light through Yoda's window breaks? Methinks you'll find out in The Empire Striketh Back!

Based on the book William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back

For your generous donation, here's some awesome stuff!

$30 - Edible cookie dough, made by Zoe with love and whatever mixins you choose. It's really good. It's not good for you, but it tastes really good, and there are no raw eggs so your mom can't yell at you! 

If you're not about that cookie dough life, she also bakes some mean dark fudge brownies.

$50 - A minor role in the play! Wilt thou be a knavish rebel or noble Imperial? You'll get several parts throughout the play, including Chewbacca, R2, and the Wampa!

$75 - A main role in the play! Art thou a scruffy herder or nerf, or a highness most royal? You choose. (Limit 5, first come, first serve: Luke, Han, Leia, Darth Vader, and Yoda)

$100 - 2 VIP tickets to the show, and edible eggless cookie dough. It's really good, I promise.

$150 - We provide the projector and popcorn, you provide the company. Pick a movie from a galaxy far, far away and we will screen it in the Cohesion Theatre space for you and 20 friends! (Limit 2)