Cohesion Theatre Company Presents

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

By Kristoffer Diaz

Directed by Daniel Douek

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The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity by Kristoffer Diaz is a rollicking romp through the nature of sports as performance and the heart of American identity. Directed by Daniel Douek, the play features professional-wrestling style stunts, costumes, and of course, kayfabe. The play was a finalist for 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Drama. The New York Times said "“Chad Deity” is punch drunk on the adrenaline, verbal as well as physical, it brings to presenting an illusion-based sport as the true American pastime.”

“The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity is a unique theatrical marvel,” said Assistant director Jeff Miller. “It's the perfect blend of the over-the-top spectacle that is professional wrestling, and a relatable human story. Chad Deity deals with the topical world of entertainment politics, dealing with themes such as racism, staying true to your values versus chasing your dreams.”

A timely satire that probes that nature of cultural stereotypes in our collective consciousness, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity follows Macedonio Guerra, also known as “Mace,” a Puerto Rican wrestler from the Bronx, who is constantly the “jobber,” or the fall guy in one of the biggest television wrestling companies in the country. As Mace travels through the ranks and to the top of the world of professional wrestling as entertainment, the audience is taken on a journey through notions of race, culture, xenophobia, and the American Dream.

Opening night for The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity is Thursday, May 31 at 8pm. Following opening night the show will run Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 4 pm from May 31 through June 17, 2018. Tickets are $20 for Adults and $15 for students and seniors and can be purchased online at 

A special industry night performance will be held Monday, June 11 at 8 pm; tickets for all artists will be just $10.

Cohesion performs in “The Fallout Shelter” at United Evangelical Church (923 S. East Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224) at the corner of East Avenue and Dillon Street in Canton. Patrons should enter the space through the grey doors on East Avenue. 


The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
By Kristoffer Diaz
Directed by Daniel Douek
May 31 - June 17, 2018
Opening May 31 at 8pm
Fridays - Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 4pm
Industry Night: Monday, June 11, 2018 at 8 PM
The Fallout Shelter at United Evangelical Church
923 S. East Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224
Tickets $20, or $15 for Students and Seniors

Christian Gonzalez – Mace
Tim German – Chad
Jehan Sterling Silva – VP
Jason Hentrich – EKO
Fred Fletcher-Jackson – Bad Guy/ Billy Heartland/ Old Glory
Matt Casella – Referee

Production Team:
Daniel Douek – Director/Sound Design/Props
Jeff Miller – Assistant Director/Sound Design/Props
Alliyah Corley – Stage Manager
Michael Rasinski – Set Designer
Serafina Donahue – Lighting Designer
Helenmary Ball  – Costume Designer
Joseph Grasso  – Wrestling Trainer
Jon Rubin  – Fight Director
Fred Fletcher-Jackson – Dramaturg/Sound Design

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