Following the highly successful Trans* Voices Workshop Series in Season 2, Cohesion Theatre Company is introducing the Playwrights Fellowship for Season 3. The Fellowship’s aim is to provide comprehensive development opportunities for new and existing local playwrights to create new, full-length works for the stage.

Cohesion will select three playwrights for the Fellowship, culminating in a three-part workshop series in the second half of the season. Each playwright will be assigned a director from the start, and a cast will be assembled as scripts develop. Playwrights will be able to submit drafts in various stages to the directors for feedback, and arrange readings with the cast throughout the season. Cohesion is seeking playwrights with ideas for full length scripts or scripts in very early stages which can be developed throughout the season. The goal is not to have playwrights submit finished plays, but rather to create new ones through the workshopping process.

In January, February, and May, each script that has been developed will receive a workshop production. The cast will meet for four off-book rehearsals, followed by three performances offered to the public at reduced ticket prices. Each performance will be followed by a talkback with the director, cast, and playwright to hear audience reactions and thus further the development of the piece.

Submissions Process:

Interested playwrights should submit a script sample equating to approximately 10 minutes of stage time along with a resume and cover letter outlining what the playwright hopes to accomplish as part of the fellowship. The sample can be a 10-minute play or an excerpt from a longer work. Because Cohesion is interested in developing entirely new works throughout the season, this does not need to be an excerpt from the script the playwright is interested in workshopping. Depending on the volume and nature of applicants, Cohesion may request additional material or interviews with playwrights.

Interested directors should follow the submission guidelines for directors outlined on Cohesion’s website:

Playwriting samples should be submitted to Brad Norris at no later than August 5, 2016.