Cohesion’s 2019 Season is going to be the most ambitious and exciting year yet, and we are gonna need your support more than ever!

Four years as an independent theatre company in Baltimore seem like they’ve flown by. And with all we’ve accomplished in that time, we knew it was time for some serious thought and reflection. And now we’re back, with a new Mission Statement, a new set of Core Company Values, new code of conduct policy, and even a brand new ticketing model. And as usual, none of these changes are minor, and all of them are a risk, but they are ones we felt were necessary when considering who we are as a company moving forward. We are proud of where we’ve been, and what we’ve accomplished. We’re also proud of how that work has shaped and prepared us for our future. We are incredibly excited to invite you in to share that future with us at Cohesion Theatre Company.

Contribute Right Now to making the 2019 Season a Success! With your support, we know we can achieve anything!

What’s New This Year?

Some of the biggest challenges of the coming season, are also the most exciting. Number one right out of the gate, that will effect everything we do from now on, is our new ticketing model of “Pay What You Can” pricing for all our shows, and even our season subscriptions. Our unofficial motto in our first few years was “setting unrealistic goals, and meeting them.” It is in that spirit, and with that boldness and hope, that we announced this change to how we price our shows. Our goal is to erase any economic barriers to the work that we do, while also putting our faith and trust in our audiences to support work that is important and valuable to you. Our commitment to paying artists and creating big bold productions doesn’t change. The quality and compelling stories you’ll experience on our stages won’t change. And the cost of keeping the lights on and a roof over our heads certainly doesn’t change. But now we hope that anyone who wants to will walk in the door, and experience audacious live theatre without any financial barrier.

We anticipate that some ticket revenue will drop as a result of this change, and the only way we have to combat that, is investment from our audiences and supporters. We know that the work we do is valuable to you, and that you want to see us grow. So now we have the oportunity to invite everyone into the process of choosing to support the local artistic work that we do. You’re not just buying a ticket anymore, or deciding to check out a show, you are actively invested in supporting the continued mission and work of Cohesion Theatre Company at every step of the way. And for that support we are so excited and grateful.

How Can You Help All Year Long?

Giving a one time gift is amazing, and if you are able to do that, we are thrilled that you are doing it for us! However, this season we are going to need sustained support as we roll out our “Pay What You Can” ticketing. We are going to need to know that we can still meet our budget goals and pay all our artists and bills on each production we do. For that, we now have the ability to offer Sustaining Partnerships. What this means is when you click on our donation button on this page, you’ll see the option to make your donation a recurring monthly one. You can choose the amount, and every month Paypal will charge you that amount as a donation to Cohesion. This provides us with a steady monthly stream of income that we can count on throughout the Season. Even when we don’t have a show running, and aren’t receiving any ticketing revenue, we’ll have your Sustaining Partnership to help us continue doing the work we need to do.

How Does A Sustaining Partnership Work?

Start by clicking the button below which will take you to our PayPal giving site. There you will see the option to make your gift a monthly one. You choose the amount you are able to contribute monthly. Even a monthly gift of just $10 adds up when we get multiple Sustaining Partners giving throughout the year. $10 over 12 months is a yearly gift of $120! $25 each month over 12 months becomes $300! Now imagine if we could get 30 or 40 people to sign on as Sustaining Partners at about $20 each month. That’s almost half our annual season budget right there from dedicated supporters who have committed to seeing Cohesion thrive with their sustaining gifts.

Besides Keeping Vibrant Theatre Growing, What’s In It For Me?

Good question. All our Sustaining Partners will be given exclusive access to our productions throughout the season, including behind the scenes events, meetings with guest artists and more. You’ll also receive exclusive partner only event invitations, and first chance opportunities to sign up for workshops, purchase gala tickets, and more. We’re still working out all the details, but it means a lot to us that you want to support us this way on our artistic journey, so your partnership with us is going to get you things that no one else can get. Period. It’s what we have to say thank you for you giving us the financial support to take big risks. So please consider a Sustaining Partnership with Cohesion Theatre Company today.


Cohesion Theatre Company is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.  Contributions for the charitable purposes of Cohesion Theatre Company are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.