Schoolgirl Figure
by Wendy MacLeod
directed by Jonas David Grey

November 17 - December 4, 2016
United evangelical church
923 S. East Avenue, Baltimore

Welcome to a high school where the in-crowd is the thin-crowd. The death of the uber-anorexic Monique, queen of the Carpenters, kicks off a scramble for the crown, and the school's hottest hottie, The Bradley. Renee, with the help of her bulimic best friend Patty, is determined to claim the crown by out-foxing her rival Jeanine and taking her body back to its pre-puberty contours. The Washington Post said, "playwright Wendy MacLeod's bitter black comedy is...sick. It's perverse. It's irreverent. And it's hilarious." Let the diet wars begin!

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