Cohesion Theatre Company officially began producing work on their own in the Fall of 2014.

Below you will find a look back at the production history of the company.

The Inaugural Season - 2014/15


By William Shakespeare

Directed by Alice Stanley

Nov. 20 – Dec. 7, 2014

413 South Conkling Street, Baltimore

William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus provides an intimate and timeless look at the intricacies of family life and the dynamics of politics in the city. The title character, a renowned war hero, is constantly at odds with the common people, leading to riots in the midst of Rome’s democratic revolution. Directed by Alice Stanley, Cohesion’s brooding production will incorporate traditional Roman design with more modern images of revolution, and leave the audience questioning our long-held ideals of democracy and equality.

Thirteen Dead Husbands

By Tom Horan

Directed by Brad Norris

March 12 – 29, 2015

Performances held at The Church on The Square - 1025 S. Potomac Avenue, Baltimore

A Baltimore premiere production, Thirteen Dead Husbands tells the fanciful story of Dee-Dee, “the most beautiful woman in the world”, and the men who come from far and wide to woo and wed her, only to end up dead under mysterious circumstances. As friends Marcel and Jean Pierre compete for her hand, they ask if one of them should marry her, will they live to enjoy it? Told with charming humor and a surreal and fantastic design, Husbands champions the simplicity of love, and the joy of possibility.

The Pillow Book

by Anna Moench

directed by Jonas David Grey

June 25 – July 12, 2015

Performances held at The Church on The Square - 1025 S. Potomac Avenue, Baltimore

Cohesion Theatre Company & The Strand Theatre Company proudly present a Baltimore premiere production. Deb and John are married. Deb and John are strangers. Deb saves John's life on a mountain. John blinds Deb on the Serengeti. John works at an office. John works at a different office. Deb is a doctor, or an exterminator. The Pillow Book is a journey through the real, the imagined, the absurd, and the parallel. Told with a cast of three, The Pillow Book examines the life in and around one couple’s past, present, and the possibilities that could have been.

ParityFest Baltimore 2015

July 1 - August 9, 2015

Cohesion Theatre Company owes a huge thank you to all the companies, venues, and artists that participated in and supported ParityFest Baltimore 2015, a city-wide readings festival aimed at increasing parity in the arts! We are so very pleased to have been able to orchestrate this mammoth undertaking, and to have it be such a collaborative effort with so many pitching in to increase awareness of these amazing female playwrights. We saw 38 plays produced in various stages of reading over the course of six very full weeks. Each of these plays were new and under-produced works written by female playwrights generated from The Kilroys 2014 and 2015 Lists. Cohesion also pulled together some amazing people to participate in several panel discussions regarding parity in theater and the arts, as well as playwriting, women in science, and applied feminism. It was a whirlwind six weeks, but it was so very worth it. 

Season 2 - 2015/16

A Little Bit Not Normal

By Lillie Franks

Directed by Alice Stanley

November 19 – December 6, 2015

A world premiere production kicking off both Cohesion’s main stage season and the Trans* Voices Workshop Series! Devon has completed her transition and is enjoying her mostly normal life with her partner, Nancy – even if it does include the occasional talking cat or visit from God. But when her estranged father Patrick decides to pay a visit and tries to call her his son, Devon has to deal with identity, misgendering, history, and family politics all around her own dinner table. Cohesion is working directly with playwright, Lillie Franks to develop this full and unique production.

Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Adapted and Directed by Phil Vannoorbeeck

Workshop Performances: January 8 - 10, 2016

Shakespeare’s Trans* Comedy in the 21st Century.

A Special Project In Partnership with Baltimore Shakespeare Factory:

The Complete Deaths of William Shakespeare

Created by Baltimore Shakespeare Factory & Cohesion Theatre Company

January 15-17, 2016

Celebrating the 400th Anniversary Year of Shakespeare’s death, Cohesion and BSF present a devised work of stage combat, bard appreciation, and silliness encompassing every death of every character written into all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays (and maybe a few that aren’t).


By William Shakespeare

Directed by Alice Stanley

March 4 – 20, 2016

Caught between the death of a Father, the betrayal of a Mother, and the lust of an Uncle-become-King, Shakespeare’s famously brooding protagonist seeks revenge above all else in the most influential play of the English language. A calculating schemer, or a raving lunatic, Hamlet’s emotional soliloquies and tragic story have captivated and intrigued audiences for hundreds of years. The turmoil in Denmark will be palpable in Stanley’s production as they draw the audience into the emotional life of the often distant and intellectual protagonist. As Hamlet’s grip on the world spirals out of control, and those closest find themselves manipulated and betrayed, the production elements will spiral right along with Hamlet.

Aphorisms on Gender

by Alice Stanley

Directed by Caitlin Carbone

Workshop Performances: April 1-3, 2016

If everything around you is only ones and zeroes, what does it mean to be non-binary?

Force Continuum

By Kia Corthron

Directed by Rosiland Cauthen

April 22 – May 8, 2016

Told through three generations of African-American police officers, Force Continuum follows Dece, who is disillusioned and confused in a contemporary world of drug violence and brutality, and whose present-day struggles go beyond the routine paradox of being both black and a cop when he and his white partner become indicted in the death of a black female civilian. Force Continuum is a jagged, precarious journey that speaks to the heart of the current unrest in Baltimore and America. 

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

Adapted by Robert Kauzlaric

Directed by Brad Norris

June 2 – 19, 2016

A Baltimore premiere production. This modern fantasy tale takes us to the gritty and parallel world of London Below with the unwitting Richard Mayhew, who falls between the cracks in reality to end up caught in a dangerous adventure in a place familiar, foreign, and deadly. Befriending and protecting a powerful child, bargaining and bickering with the Marquis de Carabas, and hunting the great Beast of London, Richard’s journey becomes one to save both his world Above, and the newly discovered world Below. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Neil Gaiman; author of American GodsCoraline, and Sandman.

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