Cohesion Theatre Company owes a huge thank you to all the companies, venues, and artists that participated in and supported ParityFest Baltimore 2015, a city-wide readings festival aimed at increasing parity in the arts! We are so very pleased to have been able to orchestrate this mammoth undertaking, and to have it be such a collaborative effort with so many pitching in to increase awareness of these amazing female playwrights. We saw 38 plays produced in various stages of reading over the course of six very full weeks. Each of these plays were new and under-produced works written by female playwrights generated from The Kilroys 2014 and 2015 Lists. Cohesion also pulled together some amazing people to participate in several panel discussions regarding parity in theater and the arts, as well as playwrighting, women in science, and applied feminism. It was a whirlwind six weeks, but it was so very worth it. 

Everyone is asking about next year, and what we'll do, or if it will all happen again.... short answer: stay tuned. In the meantime, the hugest of thanks to all of you who participated or came out to see these works. We couldn't have done any of it without you!

 - Alice, Brad, Caitlin, & Jessica (the ParityFest team)

Interested in getting involved? Meet our team below!

Alice Stanley, Festival Director

Brad Norris, Director of Outreach & Agents' Liaison

Caitlin Carbone, Performance Manager

Jessica Kim, Readings Curator & General Coordination Assistant