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21-Chump Street: A Musical Sing-A-Long

Who doesn't love musicals? Who doesn't sing along in the shower or car at the top of their lungs? Well, now we get to do it collectively together!!! 

21 CHUMP STREET by Lin-Manuel Miranda (IN THE HEIGHTS, HAMILTON) is a new 14-minute musical based on a true story as reported in the series 'This American Life'. 21 CHUMP STREET is a cautionary tale of a high school honors student who falls for a cute transfer girl. He goes to great lengths to oblige her request for marijuana in the hopes of winning her affection - only to find out that his crush is actually an undercover cop planted in the school to find drug dealers. 21 CHUMP STREET discusses the ramifications of peer pressure, conformity and drug use in our schools with a message that will stay with you long after you leave the theatre!