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A Streetcar Named Marge

Marge Simpson has won the role of Blanche DuBois in a community theatre musical version of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire: Oh, Streetcar! Homer offers little support for his wife's acting pursuits, and Marge begins to see parallels between him and Stanley Kowalski, the play's boorish lead male character, played by Ned Flanders.

Will Marge realize her dream of being on the stage! Will Homer realize the error of his ways? Will Ned Flanders get stabbed with a broken wine bottle? Will Maggie get her pacifier back from a strict daycare owner?

Oh What's a Paper Boy to dooooooooo????

Stella! Stella! Can't you hear me yella? You put me through Hella! Stella!!!!

New Twist: If I come in SECOND place, I will cater the first place event. That's right, I will be your chef. I am offering several sample ideas: (1) Dessert bar with black bottoms, cookie bars, and key lime cups OR (2) latin inspired with both spinach and beef empanadas, homemade mango salsa and margaritas on tap.