For the last three years, Cohesion has been a home for new works in Baltimore. Each season, two local playwrights are paired with directors as they develop an idea into a full-length script ready for production. With monthly meetings to review new material, a table reading with actors to hear the words aloud for the first time, and staged readings open to audiences and their essential feedback the Playwrights Fellowship provides the essential safe space for playwrights to experiment and bring their new plays into the world.

The way that Cohesion’s Playwriting Fellowship is structured enabled Safe Space to explode out of my brain and off the page. The iterative process helped me to experiment with new ideas, challenged me to push my writing further, and, I think, resulted in a really exciting, funny, politically-charged play about Baltimore and America.
— R. Eric Thomas, 2018 Playwright

Cohesion is committed to valuing artists and their work and pays a stipend to every artist involved in the fellowship. By sponsoring a playwright, director, or actor you are directly helping create new plays in Baltimore City. If a sponsorship isn’t an option for you any amount helps!

Be a hero. Make a play.

Playwright Sponsorship Recognition

Original Cohesion Theatre design rendering print

Special print from a Cohesion Theatre production

Recognition in the Playwrights Fellowship Reading Program

DirectorSponsorship Recognition

Special print from a Cohesion Theatre Production

Recognition in the Playwrights Fellowship Reading Program

Actor Sponsorship Recognition

Recognition in the Playwrights Fellowship Reading Program

General Sponsorship Recognition

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I applied to the Playwrights Fellowship because I had a unique voice that I wanted to share with the world. As an actor, I was used to telling someone else’s story and I was ready to tell my own. I started the process with a different script idea and it morphed and changed into something that I wasn’t expecting. My original story idea was big and bold, but it lacked heart. The Playwright’s Fellowship helped me find the story I was meant to tell.
— Aladrian C. Wetzel, 2018 Playwright


Cohesion Theatre Company is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.  Contributions for the charitable purposes of Cohesion Theatre Company are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.