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Lube: Grease The Musical, but Hypersexualized and with a Focus on Intimacy Choreography

Every great idea needs a whole explanation attached, right? Walk with me.
I’ve been preoccupied with the sexual misconduct in our Baltimore theatre community. I know that as a community, we’re actively creating mechanisms for change, and one of those mechanisms is upholding a standard for choreographing intimacy onstage, the same way we choreograph combat. As an actor and a theatre maker, I’m so interested in this concept, but candidly have never had the chance to practice or observe it. So, this project will be equal parts process and product - it will give actors and directors a chance to experience the process of Intimacy Choreography the way that we as community members want standardized.

Why Grease? Seriously, why? Because the project will focus on choreography, I needed to pick a play where we can focus on that choreography, which means that the actors would need to be mostly-off- book for the “staged reading”. Grease is one of those plays that everybody just unfortunately knows. Also, there are 1 million roles in it, so lots of actors can participate, which equals more education on Intimacy Choreography for more people in our community.

The last thing I’ll say is that I chose Grease after reading Laura Malkus’ challenge for us to swap genders in a play with “traditional” or “brutal” male roles that are typically off limits for female actors. I don’t think I could ever stomach Grease unless the gender roles were either flipped or if the stereotypes were way amped up. For this, we’re flipping because I think it will help with the safe approach to Intimacy. 

Laura Malkus is cast as Kenickie. Emily Sucher is our Intimacy Choreographer. Come do Grease; I know you literally never wanted to, but why not now?