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Written by Laura Fuentes

Directed by Dani Turner

Dramaturgy by Abigail Cady

Text Coach: Mira Klein

Presented in a staged reading as part of the Cohesion Theatre Company Playwrights Fellowship 2019


Amanda: Aladrian Crowder Wetzel

Henrietta (Hank): Susan Stroupe

Priscilla (Pris): Kara Powell

Niels: JC Payne

The Harbormistress: Kay-Megan Washington

Cornelius/Player King: Dylan Arredondo

Voltemand: Jacob Zabawa

Lady Player: Bella Lucero

Stage Directions: Mira Klein

Playwrights Fellowship 2019 Cohort

Laura Fuentes, Playwright

David J. Hills, Playwright

Kat Kaplan, Director

Dani Turner, Director

Cohesion Theatre Company

Jessica Rassp, Artistic Director

Abigail Cady, Playwrights Fellowship Coordinator