Brad Norris is raising funds for:

Jurassic Park: A Staged Reading from Memory with Dinosaur Puppets

NEW PERK!!! For a donation of $30 or more, Mamma Norris will bake you one batch (about 3 dozen) of her famous cookies. You get to choose which kind you’d like!!! Choices like Chocolate Chip, Lemon Drop, Snickerdoodles, Chocolate with Cherry (with our without moonshine), Peanut Butter, and more!!! Glutten Free choices available too!!! If you’ve been to a Cohesion show, you know how amazing these cookies are, so just imaging a full batch all to yourself!!! Donate now, and they can be yours!

Life finds a way....

Dodson! Dodson!! We've got Dodson here!!!

What happened to the goat?

Clever girl....

Hold on to your butts....

You bred Raptors???

Doctor Grant, my dear Doctor Sadler, welcome... to Jurassic Park!

Come on, you know it. You love it. But do you know it and love it enough to remember it? We're gonna find out. In the spirit of Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play, we'll assemble a cast, gather them together, and see what we remember about Jurassic Park. Then we'll stage that, probably with some embellishments (Dr. Malcom never wears a shirt, and is always reclining). Plus, there will be special effects, dinosaur puppets, melting ice cream, dino DNA, the best live demo for being a vegetarian, one token black guy, one token Asian guy, some stuff about West African Frogs doing it with each other, and one big pile of shit! We'll spare no expense (we will do this all for about $100).

Wanna contribute? I knew you would!

$50 gets you a walk on role if the show is picked. You may be a dinosaur. You may be eaten by a dinosaur.

$100 Gets you two tickets to the event, no matter what show is picked, plus if we do Jurassic Park you and your guest each get your own tub of melting ice cream to eat during the flea circus scene. 

$150 No matter if the show is picked or not, you and up to 20 guests can have a special viewing of Jurassic Park on the "big screen" at Cohesion Theatre Company, complete with popcorn for everyone. Other snacks are up to you. Limited to the first two only.