Support the Campaign for Neverwhere and help us make all our dreams of London Below a reality! 

With Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere we are embarking on our most ambitious single production to date, and one we feel audiences will simply have a blast with. Both Neil Gaiman's source work and Robert Kauzlaric's stage adaptation pack in so much adventure, magic, fantasy, and surprises that we think audiences will come back again and again to catch it all and experience the world of London Below over and over. In order to achieve this production on the scale we are planning for, we are asking for some help with upfront costs, and that's where you as a fan of theater and fantasy and adventure stories can have an amazing impact on this production. 

Neverwhere's total budget is topping out at around $14,000, and that's with as much begging, borrowing, and stealing as we can before spending a dime. You'll notice that amount is not what we're asking for in this campaign. What we are asking for with this campaign is the money to get us started. $9,000 covers the licensing rights to the show, some much needed space improvements that will help us now and in the future (cause we plan to stay here a while) like increasing the electrical capacity, creating some overhead light hanging positions and painting, and then there are raw materials to buy for set construction and costuming like steel tubing and fabrics, both of which are going to be monumental with almost 30 characters portrayed in locations that range from the top of The Old Bailey and The British Museum, to London Tube Cars and The Nights Bridge, or the Floating Markets at Harrods and the deck of The HMS Belfast. There are plenty of props being created from scratch for the show, from market stalls vendors selling nightmares, to edible T'ang Dynasty figurines, to the Great Beast of London itself! We don't want to short change any of it, or hold any of our designers back, so that's what we're here for, to get a little extra help in advance to make all our Neverwhere dreams (and nightmares) come true.

As a reward for your generosity and enthusiasm for this production, we've come up with a slew of perks we hope you'll enjoy! Everything from framed signed posters from the cast and crew, pins with Cohesion's logo and the show images, to season subscriptions for Cohesion's 2016/17 Season (to be announced at the opening night of Neverwhere). Plus we know how much you're going to want to see the magic behind the show, so we've put together some packages to let you do just that. From dinner with the cast and a backstage tour before the production, to post show Karaoke sessions at Walt's Inn, where our cast will sing whatever you ask them too (prize or torture? you decide). 

Check out all the perks and give generously if you can! If we don't meet our total funding goal, we'll take what money we do have and then we will probably steal some cars and sell them to a chop shop for more cash. That is how very committed we are to making this show an experience you won't soon forget!!!

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere
Adapted by Robert Kauzlaric
Directed by Brad Norris
June 2 - 19, 2016

Thursdays - Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 4pm
Special Industry Night: Tuesday, June 14 at 8pm
United Evangelical Church - 3200 Dillon Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Enter on East Street through the Grey Doors

Parking available in the school lot across the street, entrance on East Street

Tickets Available Here:


A Baltimore premiere production, this modern fantasy tale takes us to the gritty and parallel world of London Below with the unwitting Richard Mayhew, who falls between the cracks in reality to end up caught in a dangerous adventure in a place familiar, foreign, and deadly. Befriending and protecting a powerful child, bargaining and bickering with the Marquis de Carabas, and hunting the great Beast of London, Richard’s journey becomes one to save both his world Above, and the newly discovered world Below. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Neil Gaiman; author of American Gods, Coraline, and Sandman, Kauzlaric’s adaptation was first produced in 2010 at Lifeline Theatre in Chicago, and has since seen national and international productions.

“Neil Gaiman’s novel is one of my favorite fantasy stories of all time,” says Director, Brad Norris.  “It tells a very odd and a far reaching story that captures an entirely alternate world that is so very familiar to our own, right on the edge of where our reality ends this other world begins.  We can touch it, we can taste it and smell it but we never actually get to go there until one day Richard, our unlikely hero, does by complete and total accident.  This story truly is an adventure tale: a hero is discovered, a villain is (hopefully) thwarted and then there is intrigue, mystery, magic, action, fantasy and great beasts.  These things abound in Gaiman’s story telling and they will abound on stage with us.  The completeness and the scope with which Neil Gaiman paints this world is really captivating and I think our design team is really latching onto that and we are excited to present a complete and fully realized world to you, live on stage.”

Joseph Coracle – Richard Mayhew
Cori Dioquino – Door
Jonas David Grey – The Marquis de Carabas
Casey Dutt – Hunter, Sylvia
Matthew Payne – Mr. Croup, Tooley
Bobby Hennenberg – Mr. Vandemar, Varney
Melanie Glickman – The Angel Islington, Gary, Lord Rat Speaker, Fop With No Name
Frank Mancino – Old Bailey, The Earl, The Abbot
Wesley Poloway – Jessica, Lamia
Danielle Vitullo – Anaesthesia, Hawker, Brother Sable
Dominic Gladden – Portico, Hawker, Brother Fuliginous, Hammersmith
Zoe DiGorgio – Old Woman, Hawker, Ratspeaker

Production Team:    
Brad Norris – Director
Martha Robichaud – Assistant Director
Heather Peacock – Stage Manager
Logan Kauffeld – Assistant Stage Manager
Kel Millionie – Set/Lighting Designer
Jonah Beram – Sound Designer
Sam Kuczynski – Properties Designer
Sam Callanta – Costume Designer
Emily Jewett – Hair and Makeup Designer
Jon Rubin – Fight Choreographer
Lana Riggins – Production Manager
Kris Messer – Production Dramaturg 

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