Cohesion's Playwrights Fellowship Presents:

Here Be Dragons
by Utkarsh Rajawat
directed by Terrance Fleming

Public Workshop Showings:
May 5th at 8pm
May 6th at 8pm
May 7th at 4pm

923 S. East Avenue, Baltimore MD, 21224

Enter through the Grey Doors on East Avenue.

Tickets are just $10, and support the Playwrights Fellowship Artists


Talkbacks with the playwright and cast after each performance.

In 1906 a very prestigious and well funded Explorers Club makes first contact with an Alien being, whom they promptly imprison in their basement to study. But the Alien has one mission: to find a man and give him a gift. And it can wait as long as it has to.

Staring:  Chara Bauer, Sarah Weissman, Tatiana Ford, Fred Fletcher-Jackson, & Emily Small

This piece is in development as part of Cohesion's Playwrights Fellowship. Constructive audience feedback is welcome and encouraged after each performance.


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Our Mission

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