La Llorona by Cecelia Raker & The Orphan Sea by Caridad Svich

Both Directed by Susan Stroupe - March 22nd through April 15, 2018


La Llorona by Cecelia Raker & The Orphan Sea by Caridad Svich
Both Directed by Susan Stroupe
March 22 - April 15, 2018


Cohesion Theatre Company is proud to announce the third production of their 2017/2018 season and their first ever repertory production. Continuing to explore the season theme of “E Pluribus Unum,” the shows in repertory will utilize the same diverse cast to tell two seemingly very different stories, La Llorona by Cecelia Raker and The Orphan Sea by Caridad Svich. Despite the plays’ notable differences, it is the hope of Cohesion that these stories in conversation with one another will inspire discussion and thought long after leaving the theater.

“The Cohesion Rep is both a challenge and a joy,” said director Susan Stroupe. “To stage two full-length plays with the same cast is a huge undertaking, but it also allows our ensemble and audience a rare gift of seeing two works of art in conversation with each other. In many ways, they are very connected: both re-imagine important and old mythologies from American culture, both confront the narrative of gender in those mythologies, and both paint a vivid view of the land around them.”

“Individually, they compliment each other wonderfully,” Stroupe adds. Though the plays differ in tone and style, both stories observe the way myths, legends, and histories impact us today, and how we, in turn shape them. “La Llorona, while set in culturally-unique New Mexico, is a powerful and relatable narrative of teenage girls grappling with identity and haunted by history. The Orphan Sea is an image-rich epic poem-play that traverses time, space, and gender, all in the frame of Penelope and Odysseus' epic long-distance relationship from The Odyssey.” Stroupe said. “A diverse, versatile ensemble of nine actors and an incredible team of designers have taken on this challenge, and I can’t wait for audiences to witness their amazing work.”

Opening night for La Llorona is Thursday, March 22 at 8pm. Opening night for The Orphan Sea is Thursday, March 29 at 8:30pm. Following opening night the shows will run Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 7:30pm with select matinee performances at 2:00pm. The performances run from March 22 through April 15, 2017.

Season 4: E Pluribus Unum!

In season Four, Cohesion is doubling down on our mission and reflecting on our increasingly fragmented world by selecting pieces that deal broadly with the theme of E pluribus unum. Our goal as creators is to showcase the unity that underlies much of what we consider separate, therefore we selected a broad range of plays that ask us as a community to examine the poetics, politics, and possibilities embedded in the phrase: Out of many, one.
One of our goals has always been to stretch ourselves beyond what we have done before and Season Four is no exception. We are grateful and joyful for the vibrant and diverse community that allows us to keep reaching past our present successes to create work that investigates the path to a more cohesive and inclusive future for all.
Our Season Four lineup is bigger than ever  with five main stage productions -- two in repertory with each other -- and a continuation of our successful Playwright’s Fellowship program, as well as an expansion of our educational work. Cohesion will once again continue expanding our collaborative mission by working in partnership with local theatre companies and our neighborhood communities to engage, encourage, and excite our audiences.

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Our Mission

Cohesion Theatre Company seeks to showcase the unity that underlies much of what we consider separate. Society creates distinctions: between classical and new plays, between artistic disciplines, between companies, and between people of different race, class, and gender. CTC will examine these distinctions through the lens of live theatre with the goal of reaching a deeper understanding of what makes us individuals and what makes us all human. Cohesion actively seeks out other theatrical professionals, both individuals and organizations, and encourages cross promotion, co-production, and collaboration in every facet of the work we do.